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The Soulmates mother of the bride dresses are made from 100% silk for superior comfort and elegance. The luxurious silk threads are woven into a variety of different cuts and colors, from two-piece skirts and tops, to ankle-length gowns and flirty, tea-length frocks. Many Soulmates dresses and pieces come with delicate jackets or scarves for a graceful flair and you can also select your own silk scarf, shawl or jacket to accompany your own Soulmates Silk Gown. The intricate silk lacework and hand crocheted patterns make rich designs throughout the silhouette to form a fine, complimentary figure. The lustrous silk flows easily around the body and makes a forgiving, easy-to-wear gown without sacrificing style. Sheer layers and artfully constructed ensembles accentuate feminine allure with refined subtlety to complete a foremost distinguished appearance. Our collection of Soulmates dresses is perfect for glowing brides’ and groom dresses, as well as fashionable aunts, grandmothers and other sophisticated ladies. Pick out your favorite mother of the bride dress design and choose a color to fit perfectly with the wedding or to compliment your skin tone.
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